Aquatic Ecology

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Prof. Dr. i.R. Wilfried Gabriel



Ecological questions often can be answered only in an evolutionary context, e.g., besides proximate causes the ultimate causes need to be examined or the implications of changing selection pressures on future development have to be estimated.

The research combines theories of ecology and evolution: population dynamics and genetics, quantitative genetics, evolutionarily stable strategies (ESS), "life-history"- and reproductive strategies, norms of reaction and breadth of adaptation, phenotypic plasticity, comparison of evolutionary rates under asexual and sexual reproduction, intraspecific competition (esp. cannibalism), extinction of populations due to stochastic fluctuations and mutational load. Further, the experimental working groups are supported by modelling and theory.

Actual research projects are the evolution of density dependent population regulation and theories to irreversible versus reversible phenotypic plasticity.