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Maria Stockenreiter

Dr. Maria Stockenreiter


Aquatic Ecology
Dep. Biology II
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Großhaderner Str. 2
room: B02.028
D-82152 Planegg- Martinsried

Seeon Limnological Station (SLS)
Schulstr. 3
D-83370 Seeon
fax: +49(0)86242705

Phone: +49 (0)89 2180 74 215 / +49 (0)8624 1400

Research focus:

  • Freshwater and marine plankton ecology
  • Stoichiometry and biochemical composition of plankton
  • Food web interactions
  • Biodiversity effects in plankton
  • Community composition and invasion in plankton
  • Combining laboratory and field experiments


  1. Flexibility matters: Interplay between trait diversity and ecological dynamics using aquatic communities as model systems (DFG SPP DynaTrait)
  2. Trait-related feedback dynamics in natural plankton communities (DFG SPP DynaTrait)
  3. Regime shifts in freshwater ecosystems exposed to multiple stressors by increasing temperature, fertilizers and pesticides (CLIMSHIFT-DFG)
  4. AQUACOSM: Network of leading European Aquatic Mesocosm facilities connecting Mountains to Oceans from the Arctic to the Mediterranean (EU H2020 INFRAIA-project No 731065)
  5. Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung plus: Biologie macht Schule:
  6. AQUACOSMplus: Network of Leading Ecosystem Scale Experimental AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Rivers, Lakes, Estuaries and Oceans in Europe and beyond. AQUACOSM-plus (Project No 871081) is funded by the European Commission EU H2020-INFRAIA
  7. BLIC: Phytoplanktonblüten "mögen es bunt" - Der relative Einfluss von biologischer Vielfalt und biotischen Interaktionen auf frühe Stadien von Phytoplanktonblüten (BLIC)


Bachelor Biology:

  • Ecology I (practical and lecture)
  • Ecology II (practical and lecture)

Master Ecology, Evolution and Systematics (EES):Hot Topics in Ecology (Seminar)

  • Aquatic ecology (lecture and practical)
  • Experimental plankton ecology (practical)
  • Soft Skill 4: grant writing (seminar)
  • Research internships (practical)
  • General principles in ecology (seminar)
  • Individual research trainings 1,2,3
  • Alpine excursion for EES

Lehramt Biologie:Ökologie für das Lehramt (Übung und Vorlesung)

  • Schule einmal draußen
  • Limnologie macht Schule


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