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WANTED! Researchers for the Seeon Limnological Station (SLS) at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


At LMU Munich Seeon Limnological Station (SLS) mesocosm experiments will be performed in several lakes (oligotrophic to eutrophic) close to the SLS.
We will open for AQUACOSM transnational access to specific experiments, but also invite scientists to test own ideas with individual experiments. Specific experiments planned to run from March to October.

Major topics are:
1) Interplay between trait diversity and ecological dynamics using aquatic communities as model system (March –May).
2) Genetic and ecological characterization of invasive aquatic species (Craspedacusta sp.) (August).

We offer approved users AQUACOSM transnational access to SLS for up to 6 persons for 40-45 days. We are especially seeking for experts working in microbial ecology, modelling and limnophysics. We additionally welcome groups developing own research questions that address investigations of the pelagic-benthic coupling in aquatic systems and its potential interactions with stressors.

For further information about the application process, please visit:


contact person for SLS: Dr. Maria Stockenreiter,